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    20 Reasons Why You Need to Play Scrabble Now

    1. Expands Your Vocabulary

    When you play Scrabble, you must sharpen your vocabulary as you create words that you arrange with tiles. As you create as many words as you can, your brain is challenged to remember words and learn new ones.

    The journal, Applied Cognitive Psychology, published a study that followed students...

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    A letter refers to a segmental symbol of a phonemic writing system. Letters constitute one of the most fundamental elements of written languages and represent words, syllables, words, morphemes, or entire sentences in different writing systems. The origin of letters can be traced back to hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt.

    Egyptians used hieroglyphics for decoration and for writing advantageously. Egyptian scribes would have chosen this form of written language because it was simple, efficient, and practical. As civilizations emerged, a new unique writing system would be created. Phoenician, Greek, and Runic scripts would replace Hieroglyphics. The Phoenicians and Greeks used the same letters to represent different sounds, while the Romans used only 26 letters ('a to 'z'). These 26 letters were called the Latin alphabet and represented 26 primary language sounds. At this time, the Roman Empire was reigned by Emperor Constantine, who decided it would benefit his empire if his people all spoke Latin.

    Fun Facts About Letters

    - Letters have been used since ancient writing to represent sounds.

    - Letters can have different pronunciations based on the phonetics of a word.

    - Letters are used not only to form words or communication but also in symbols on things like buildings, airplanes, and monuments and are used for tattoos and body art.

    - There are a total of 26 letters in the English alphabet comprising the letters 'C' and 'H,' which were combined to make 'K.'

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